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Udemy-Learn and Understand NodeJS

Learn and Understand NodeJS
Learn and Understand NodeJS


  • Basic Javascript knowledge (variables, loops, and basic functions)
  • Basic HTML knowledge
  • A text editor

Course Description:-

Hello and Welcome to the Learn and Understand NodeJS Course.In this course, you are going to learn  Dive deep under the hood of NodeJS. Learn V8, Express, the MEAN Stack, core Javascript concepts, and more

NodeJS is one of the most popular and powerful server technologies today.Experts are amongst the highest paid in the industry.It allows you to build entire web software only one programming.It’s time for you to understand it properly.

So, Welcome to learn and understand NodeJS.In this course, we’re going to take a deep dive under the hood of  NodeJS.The famous and Popular server technology that lets us write server code in Javascript.

This Course is not about diving into just what NodeJS is and what you can do with it.
This Course has to do with my fundamental philosophy when it comes to learning especially when it comes to learning code.

My philosophy is this Don’t imitate Understand.I think the biggest problem with most coding books and online tutorials and videos is that the focus is on imitation.Another word, the instructor writes some code and you write that code and then. The supposition is that “Oh, You know what you’re doing but then you get out into the real world and faced problems they’re different than the ones you see in the course and you fall down why because much more important than simply imitating someone else’s code.

Is understanding what that code is actually doing so in this course we’re not just going to see examples and we will see plenty.We’re going to focus on truly understanding not just what but how and why.

How does NodeJS work why is it structured the way it is?How can I use the fundamental Java script knowledge that I need and that you came to this course in order to become a better NodeJS developer?

And so in this course again we’re not just going to write code we’re going to work on understanding what’s really happening and why it’s working the way it is.We’ll dive into the V8 engine, the Java script engine that’s at the core of NodeJS.

We’ll dive into the V8 engine, the Java script engine that’s at the core of NodeJS
As well as what NodeJS adding on to that V8 engine in order to expand the Java script language and turn it into something that we can use to write server code.

And being a good NodeJS developer means being an excellent Javascript developer.
So we won’t just skim over javascript concepts that may be unfamiliar.We’ll stop and we’ll examine that fundamental knowledge that you need in order to understand a particular area or aspect or technique within NodeJS itself.

The better you know Java script the better you’ll be able to write code.
Using NodeJS.Alright.So Don’t imitate, Understand and this course we’re going to learn and understand NodeJS.

What Will You Learn?

  • Grasp how NodeJS works under the hood
  • Understand the Javascript and technical concepts behind NodeJS
  • Structure a Node application in modules
  • Understand and use the Event Emitter
  • Understand Buffers, Streams, and Pipes
  • Build a Web Server in Node and understand how it really works
  • Use npm and manage node packages
  • Build a web application and API more easily using Express
  • Connect to a SQL or Mongo database in Node
  • Understand how the MEAN stack works
  • Be the coder that explains NodeJS to everyone else because you understand it better than anyone else.

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From: Udemy | By: Anthony Alicea | Duration: 13 hours

Video Quality: MP4 | File Size: 1.5GB

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