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Udemy-Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide

Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide
Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide


  • Programming skills will be helpful but not recommended.

Course Description:-

Hello and Welcome to the Running a Web Development Business: The Complete Guide course.In this course, you are going to learn how to start and grow a successful web development business.Get up & running and making sales in under a week.

Hey, guys welcome my this course.Do you want to take your web development skills to the next level and start earning real money.Do you want to start a business that has great hours, great margins, and teaches you in demand skills if you do welcome my course the complete guide to starting and running a web development business.

Whether you’re just a web developer who wants to quit their job and build a business doing what you love or even if you’re a non-programmer who just wants to build a business that is fantastic margins and great upside potential this course is for you.

I’m gonna take you on a crash course on everything I know about starting and running a successful web development business.I’m gonna show you how you can get up and running get real clients and grow your business even if you’re not a programmer.

Even if you’re not a programmer, even if you’ve never built a website before, and even if you’re brand new to this you can start a web development business and I’m gonna show you how.

And In this course, I’m gonna show you how I became successful and how you can become successful.We’re going to cover an enormous amount of information in this course.We’re gonna cover how you can make the most successful comprehensive strategy and what’s gonna make you the most money.

We’re going cover how you can create a professional web presence and get the right tested messaging for as little nineteen dollars. We’re going to cover 15 strategies that we here at sprint kick used to grow our client base from one to a hundred.

And I’m going to show you where you can find the perfect client the ones that really clicked with what you’re doing give you the best margins, the best money, and the past hours. I’m gonna show you how you can build out a team so you can take on bigger and even more profitable projects then we’re gonna show you how to create easy and highly effective proposals that close sales and get you more clients.

Then, we’re going to cover how can you manage your clients effectively and how you can get them to keep sending you more and more work.Then, we’re going to cover how you can perfected the art of the portfolio and pick something that looks the best and fits exactly what your clients want.

Then we’re gonna cover some awesome skills. I’m going to teach you how to wire frames, I’m going to teach you how to use some online free basic project management tools and how to dramatically increase your team’s efficiency.

So, At the end of this course, you’re going be able to jump start your development business and hit the ground running whether or not you’re brand new to web development or even if you’re a freelancer has been doing web development for years.
You can learn an enormous amount from this course increase your sales find more clients.

Learn the things I learned and avoid the mistakes I made. Like any of my other courses, I’m available24/7 to be your personal consultant your personal tutor throughout this process.

Not just helping you on the course content might help you on your own projects and like always if you’re not 100% thrilled, you can always get your money back no questions asked in 30 days.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand how development stacks work and pick which stack is ideal for you
  • Predict the timeline for starting your business
  • Decide between hiring in-house employees or contractors for your business
  • Settle on offering summed up or concentrated web administrations
  • Pick a triumphant blend of attributes that you need your business to pass on
  • Understand the different types of contractors and where to find them
  • Effectively allocate your time
  • Assess the core components of successful web development firms
  • Find cheap and professional ways of creating an online presence
  • Select a name that’s attractive and conveys your core messaging
  • Master the biggest platforms for contracting: Freelancer and Up work
  • Use advanced search techniques to fill the gaps of your development work with contractors
  • Make and compose an expert and successful portfolio
  • Utilize a couple of remarkable strategies to develop your portfolio quicker
  • Utilize 15 different strategies to attract potential clients
  • Create three different types of proposals and know when to use them
  • Utilize instruments like Proposify and Nusii to make and streamline proposition
  • Deliberately utilize rough approximations to close customers sooner
  • Manage clients effectively while using your time efficiently
  • Keep client retention rates high and minimize churn
  • Sniff out a customer’s financial plan before they let you know
  • Utilize propelled best practices to keep up your organization’s development
  • Recognize client red flags before you start working with them
  • Figure out the optimal pricing configuration for your rates
  • Handle client meetings in person
  • Gage when customers are not liable to acknowledge a gauge or proposition
  • Settle on long haul choices about which customers to hold and which to lose
  • Integrate Asana into your workflow to increase transparency and efficiency
  • Manage a team of subcontractors online

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From: Udemy | By: Evan Kimbrell | Duration: 11 hours

Video Quality: MP4 | File Size: 15.52GB

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