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Udemy-Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students

Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students
Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students


  • Basics of C# .NET Programming Language

Course Description:-

Hello and Welcome to Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students course.In this course, you are going to learn Introduction to Windows Service programming and cranky details of debugging services in C# .Net.

So, This course is designed to explain the foundational ideas of Windows Service programming and to get you started in a very short amount of time.
You will benefit from this course whether you are the new to computer programming Or you are an experienced programmer but do have never done windows service programming in the past.

After completing this course you will be able to create your own windows services and debug does as well.Windows services are longer background processes which serve as sort of an engine for your P. C.’s.Windows services play a key role in the banking sector in the Telecom sector and cloud computing and in the enterprise overall.

This course is divided into various sections.First of all, you’re going to learn how to see the status of the windows services which are already installed on your PC.You will also learn that the key differences between debugging and programming windows services and
other desktop based applications.

Then you’re going to create your very first windows service project.After this, I’m going to show you how to debug a windows service project which is slightly different from debugging windows form based application.

Later in this course, I’m going to show you some real world examples of windows service programming which is a preorder data objects service and a file synchronization service.

You’re also going to learn how to modify the behavior of your service at run time using a configuration file.You’re going to change the value in the configuration file and the windows service will behave accordingly.

Afterwards, I’m going to show you how to use the service controller class to get the status of your windows service and to start or stop a windows service as well.

What Will You Learn:-

  • Create new Windows services
  • Debug Windows Services
  • Use Log4Net Logging Library
  • Use InnoSetup to create installer for Windows Services

Content Source:-

Course Info:-

From: Udemy | By: Naeem Akram | Duration: 1.5 hours

Video Quality: MP4 | File Size:430MB 

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